Wrapping Supplies: Time to Sort Through the Chaos

A common ‘situation’ I am seeing with many of my friends and clients is wrapping supply overload. I think many things contribute to this including generous hearts of people who love to give gifts, school fundraisers, and simply forgetting what was purchased. None of that matters for today. Today, let’s get a grip on the supplies and get them organized in one central location.


Take Inventory

Clear off a large table, such as dining room or kitchen, and go to every room in your house and gather all wrapping supplies that you currently own. Place them on, and around, the table. Every room, every closet. Gather paper on tubes, folded paper, ribbons, bows, and all 2,473 gift bags. This could take some time so I recommend playing some fun music to encourage you along on this task.



Once everything is in a central location, start to sort. All the rolls together, gift bags, tissue paper, and so on. After an initial sort, dive a little deeper and sort a little more thoroughly. First and foremost, take every winter holiday item and put it all in a separate place. I strongly encourage you to store your Christmas/Hanukkah supplies separate from all other wrapping supplies. There are large, flat bins that can be purchased and will hold everything for this holiday in one place. Go ahead and load them all in and store these items with your holiday decorations.

Take the remaining items and sort again. I like to sort gift bags by size so create a few different piles of different sizes. Refold any wayward tissue paper and organize by color. Grab some clear tape for ribbons on rolls. If the rolls are completely unwound, take a moment to rewind and then tape the end secure. If the ribbons are totally out of control, take a pair of scissors and cut them down before taping.

As you work, apply the KEEP, TOSS, SHARE principals. Anything that is very wrinkled, torn, or smushed can be TOSSED (or recycled). If it’s in good shape, but you know you aren’t going to ever use it, SHARE it.



The next step is to take everything you want to KEEP and find it a home. I often talk with my clients about real estate for our things. I believe everything should have a home that makes sense and works for you. There are so many options here and I’ll share what has worked the best for me.

If you are able, you can purchase bins specifically made for wrapping paper and supplies. I’ve got trade partnerships with The Container Store and Bed, Bath, & Beyond if you’d like to explore that more with me. But, I bet you can find what you need within your own house or garage. An extra, tall garbage can, without a lid, is perfect to house wrapping paper rolls. Plastic, stackable drawers are great for gift bags. Take a three-drawer unit and place the bags in different drawers by size, or occasion. Another plastic drawer set is great to hold ribbons, tissues, and bows. Give each item its own drawer if you have space. When things are separated out, and labeled if possible, it makes it easy for any member of the household to find and return items exactly where they belong.

Once you have systems, you do need to determine where the systems will live. Mine live in a basement closet. Here in the Midwest, most homes have basements, and extra storage. It would be excellent if all of the items could be stored in the same place. The next challenge is to find a spot and that might involve emptying another closet to make room. Don’t dismay! Look back to www.modorganization.netfor some recent blog posts on closet organization. Send me an email if you have any questions, or would like my opinion, on where to house your wrapping supplies, karen@modorganization.net.


Moving Forward

Friends, you know if you have an abundance of wrapping supplies. I have seen it in your homes. Be sure to use it! Hopefully now that it’s in one central location, it will be more convenient for you to find, enjoy, and wrap! If your supplies are bursting at the seams, I challenge you to avert your eyes when you see wrapping supplies. Hold off on buying anything new until you’ve depleted your current supply. If your supplies are literally bursting at the seams, consider hosting a holiday wrapping party. Invite your friends and ask them to bring snacks and be sure to tell them you’ve got everything else necessary.


Wrapping supplies can be so much fun. Entire rooms have been dedicated to housing and using them. If this is your passion, consider finding unique ways to use your creativity and maybe help others along the way!

Use a tall bin to house rolls of wrapping paper.
A single, detachable drawer is a great place to house gift bags.
This three drawer unit holds small gift bags, tissue paper, and bows/ribbons.
Drawer full of festive fun!

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