Mad Spring Dash

Spring is officially underway and summer is close on its heels. Depending on what region of the world you live in, this could mean warmer weather, major thunderstorms, tornadoes, or even snow! Regardless of the weather, it is springtime and many of you have surely felt the urge to spring clean.

School is almost over and if you have children, this is it my friends. This is the week to get anything done before they are home for the summer. If your children are older, you can look forward to their unsolicited and cheerful help with any purging projects. Lucky! If you have younger children, seriously… this is it. Time is fleeting. Choose one project to do, and do it well.

Here are some brief synopses of achievable organizational projects for this week. Choose one, or choose them all, the choice is yours!


Remove absolutely everything.

Create a mixture of baking soda and warm water.

Wipe down every surface, including shelves, walls, drawers, and the door.

As you remove items, check for expiration dates.

Throw away anything expired. (Yes, some items can last longer, you decide.)

Return each item and place like items together. For example, condiments, jams & jellies, beverages, and so on. Put taller items in the back and make sure all labels are facing forward.

Make a list of items you’ve thrown away and need to replace.

Kitchen Cabinets

Now is a great time to re-evaluate the layout of the items in your kitchen.

Empty absolutely every cabinet.

Discard anything that is expired. (If you want to live on the edge and keep that soup another six months, that is your choice and I hope it’s a good one!)

Once emptied, give everything a good wipe down.

Take stock of what you’ve got.

If you have a dishwasher, store the things you use the most nearby for ease when it’s emptied.

Place items you rarely use in cabinets that are out of the way (high up, that crazy corner cabinet you hate going in, around the corner, you know the one).

Are you a baker? Combine all baking supplies in one cabinet.

Have small children? Choose a low cabinet to store dishes and snacks they can reach themselves.

Housing art and school supplies? Consolidate it all in one cabinet.

Do you have baskets or food storage tubs without lids? Use these to organize your envelopes of mixes, drink mixes, granola bars… the options are almost endless.

Put things in and then give anyone in your house a tour of where everything now lives.

Be patient as they try to figure things out.

If they whole kitchen is just too much for and end of May project, choose one cabinet.

Children’s Closet/Dresser

Pull all of the clothes out and check sizing.

If it still fits, sort by style of clothing (shirts, shorts, pajamas, and so on).

Determine what you will do with clothes that are too small for anyone in your house. Consider a garage sale, resale shop, local charity, neighbor, or friend. (Please take the time to ask friends/neighbors if they want the clothes. They might take a pass and they shouldn’t feel obligated.)

Take a hard and thoughtful look at what you are keeping. Honestly, how many t-shirts need to be kept? How many pairs of pajamas, or shorts?

Once you place items back in the dresser or closet, notice if everything fits. If it doesn’t, you’re likely keeping too much.

Shuffle anything too small to a younger sibling’s room and repeat the process.

This task is often very daunting. It can be done in just a few hours for sure. You can do it!


If you’ve got a nice weather day, go for it!

This can be a large task and you might need a weekend and reinforcements.

For the sake of this week, just focus on outdoor toys and kid stuff.

Make sure:

  • bikes are the right size and tires are full of air
  • roller blades still fit your people
  • sidewalk chalk is together in an old, clean bucket
  • helmets of any kind fit the heads they are intended for and are reachable for small hands
  • bubbles are fresh and usable

I could literally go on and on. I strongly encourage anyone reading this to jump in and grab at least one task. It is the end of May and you are weary. I believe you will be very glad to accomplish any of the above. If you’re not up for it, contact Mod! I would love to shine simplicity into your space!

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