Happy New Year! Setting Realistic Organization Resolutions

I truly hope you have had an excellent holiday season. As the year ends, it’s common to make resolutions for the coming year. Organization is definitely a common theme for people as they plan ways to improve themselves and their homes. I’d like to offer some advice: Keep your resolutions simple.

I believe a simplistic approach to resolutions will definitely help to make them more attainable. There are a few ways to set yourself up for organizational success. First, determine where you’d like to shore up your personal organization the most. Is it at home, or at work? Either way, or if you’re not sure, create a list for each space. Just write down all of the places you’d like better organized. Be specific. Instead of bedroom, write out each place:


  • Dresser drawers
  • Nightstand
  • Floating shelves
  • Closet
    • Hanging clothes
    • Drawers
    • Shelves
    • Floor

Once your entire list is complete, take a realistic assessment of what the priorities are. Draw a star next to the top items. Depending on how long the list is, you may have one major area you can plan on tackling each month, or every other month. Assign each item on the list a date and write the task in your calendar. (If you don’t have a calendar—get one! It will help with overall organization.) Most organizational tasks can be completed in less than two hours. I’ve got step-by-step guides in over 30 blog posts that I have written and you can access them all here: http://modorganization.net/mod-organization-blog/. These are direct and simple ways to take on most home and office projects.

As you work on each project, be gracious and forgiving of yourself. Give yourself a specific time to work on a project and do your best to stay on task. If something takes a bit longer than you planned, then roll with it. Organization does not have to equate to a stressful situation. Be completely honest as you touch each item in your spaces. Should you KEEP, TOSS, or SHARE each thing? If you haven’t used, or worn, something in the last year or two, it’s important to truly evaluate if you need to KEEP it. My guess is, you don’t. There are all kinds of people in need of an outfit for a job interview, or clothes for a new job, that can benefit from what you SHARE.

This post is intentionally short to illustrate the importance of simplicity with your resolutions. Need help prioritizing, or kicking off some of your projects? I would love to help shine simplicity into your spaces. Contact me at karen@modorganization.net. A common thing I am hearing is that people aren’t ready to contact me because they have a lot of work to do on their spaces prior to my arrival. Friends, just reach out and I will come and give you up to one hour of a free consultation. We will discuss your goals, evaluate your space, and I will share an estimate of time I believe it will take to organize your space. I am a non-judgmental professional whose goal is to help my clients. Let me help you shine simplicity into your space.

I was SO organized this Christmas that I made 8 recipes of stuffing for our 25 guests. Guess what? You only need 4 recipes of stuffing to feed 25!
I love this thoughtful gift from my daughters.







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