Freedom from Distraction

Are you constantly checking social media? Do you have Facebook on multiple devices? Do you Unfollow people only to check on them too frequently to see what insanity they are posting? Do you have many excuses for why you spend so much time on Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, Twitter?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then read on for a simple solution! One magic word and you will suddenly have hours of free time to do such elusive things as:

  1. Read books.
  2. Write.
  3. Grow your business.
  4. Experience nature.
  5. Do actual exercise.
  6. Interact with humans.
  7. Organize areas of your home.

The options are truly limitless! What would you choose to do if you weren’t always entering the various worlds online? Can’t think of anything? Try these steps:

  1. Think back to before the internet enhanced our lives.
  2. What did you do with your leisure time?
  3. Close your eyes and go back… way back.
  4. Write down everything that comes to mind.

Great! Now you’ve got alternative activities to illuminate your hours. Are you ready for the ONE WORD that can make it all happen?


That’s it. That is all you need to take back your life. Go to your phones, tablets, and computers. Log in to your account, go to settings, and delete the app from your device. This is the freedom that you need to live in the present, to experience your life, as it is happening.

But, but, but… No buts. Here are excuses you may have and a counter argument for why they are obsolete. Do NOT let the excuses stop you from taking back your life:

  1. I’ve GOT to know what is happening with my extended family. That’s why I joined. No, you do not need to know what is happening to all of your cousins on a daily basis. Call them. Write an actual letter. Send a card.
  2. I need to be on it for my business. Schedule a brief amount of time each day and then log in on your actual computer, not a handheld device. Stick to your schedule. This can be an effective tool for businesses. Use it properly and enjoy the rewards.
  3. I love to watch people! I love to watch them everywhere! Then go outside and find some actual people to watch. Experience the glory of the outdoors and the interaction with live humans.

Start by deleting social media apps from phones and tablets. Take back your life and break the pattern of dependency. Life is exciting and wonderful and you need to shine in the company of others as you live each day!

Go forth and DELETE!

One thought on “Freedom from Distraction

  1. I agree totally. Everything you look at on the computer wants you to download their app. My first reaction was “who has time for that”. I heard about your blog on “Fiercely Marie “. I love Marie and all the things she shares with us. I also love all of her books! Thank you, Mod, for sharing your tips with us.

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