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Trusting Mod Organization means that our team will work efficiently to bring clients the best products within the budget that is determined.

Save Time

By choosing to work with Mod Organization, you can trust that your time with the process will be thoughtfully managed.

Enjoy Your Space

Mod Organization exists to help people shine simplicity into their space. It is our personal goal to create an environment that clients find inviting and easy to maintain.

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Spring is officially underway and summer is close on its heels. Depending on what region of the world you live in, this could mean warmer weather, major thunderstorms, tornadoes, or […]

Life with Mod: January 21, 1989

I’ve told this story so many times, I figured it was time to write it down. I hope you enjoy another glimpse into the life of Mod.

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What Our Customers Say

Who knew that organizing could be so much fun?! Karen not only helped us get our home and business organized but she made it fun and had us laughing the whole time! She made a daunting job actually surmountable all while making it a “judge” free zone. It is so freeing to finally be organized! Thank you for your talent, humor and kindness Karen!!

Alicia Johnson

Karen’s excellent listening skills and ability to see what direction I was going in was super helpful in turning my walk-in mess into an awesome walk-in closet. I love Karen’s matter of fact attitude when it came time for me to purge things. She was super helpful and very respectful. It helped that we laughed a lot too!

Heather Hildebrandt

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